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Stopping the world for three days to write a message in a bottle

16.06.2015 by Silvia Nanclares

Photos by Julio Albarrán (cc)

A wicked fanzine-style chronicle narrating in first person the plural voice of table 6 at the 17th ZEMOS98 Festival #Hackcamp. Original language: spanish («Parar el mundo durante tres días para escribir un mensaje en una botella»)

Sometimes in life it is good to have crazy plans. Impossible to accomplish. And then fulfil them. Like, for instance, bringing together nine [1] persons from different backgrounds to think and do intensely for three days. Plus using globish: that international rendering of English no British native understands. Sitting them together at a table. Leaving at hand some stationery and office material, a printer and a photocopier and giving those people a task: creating a fanzine. A fanzine tackling a subject as abstract and complex as the one that served as an umbrella not only for our working table but for the whole Festival: #Caring4thecity.

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Between random and democratic practices: the commons board game

10.06.2015 by Carmen Lozano Bright

Photo by Julio Albarrán (cc)

Report about table 5 of the #ReclaimtheCommons Hackcamp: Commonspoly. Original language: spanish («Entre lo aleatorio y lo democrático: el tablero de los bienes comunes»)

We arrived in Seville with a mission and few rules: to sit down for three days to produce the Commonspoly . In other words, starting from the common idea of Monopoly, the game we’ve all played, we had to think about a derivation of the board game whose goal wasn’t winning through accumulation but through collaboration. And making it a prototype. And explaining it to inexperienced players. All of this in three days. It was table number 5 of the Hackcamp #reclaimthecommons and luckily we got a place near the coffee machine patio.

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Putting things in common

08.06.2015 by Daphne Büllesbach

Photo by Julio Albarrán (cc)

Report about table 1 of the #ReclaimtheCommons Hackcamp: Audio Tutorial

How would you approach the task of communicating a kind of‚ «how-to run a campaign on the commons» during a three day hackcamp? Would you try a poster visualisation, an audio tutorial, a webdoc or a speaking public bench? As tempting as it would have been to go for the latter, our table settled on a webdoc combined with elements of an audio guide. Even though Read more

A memorable (working) party tribute to the commons

03.06.2015 by Mariana Salgado

Photos by Julio Albarrán (cc)

Report about the table 3 of the #ReclaimtheCommons Hackcamp: original lenguage: Spanish («Una fiesta -de trabajo- inolvidable en tributo al procomún»)

How can we achieve a festive yet at the same time engaged working spirit? I don’t know, but the ZEMOS98 organisers managed to achieve it. They organised a Festival around the subject of the commons, which turned out to be an unforgettable (working) celebration. I took part in the Hackcamp, which was the «hands on» section of the Festival, where 70 people divided into groups in order to discuss different subjects.

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Six different ways of working on commons

28.05.2015 by Charlie Tims

Julio Albarrán (cc)

The Reclaim the Commons/Caring for the City Hackcamp took place on the 16th, 17th and 18th of April 2015 at the Seville Art Centre. It bought together 75 journalists, artists, organisers and campaigners from across Europe to explore the idea of commons - and the act of reclaiming them/it.

There are a number of different ways of thinking about the Commons. The Commons is both a technical way of defining resources shared, accessed and governed by a community and also an expression of a spirit - a hope for a better shared life, from which a better democracy can grow.

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