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The pitfalls of fiction. Belén Gopegui

12.04.2015 by ZEMOS98

Free entry until all seats are filled. Spanish with simultaneous interpretation

Hacking the pitfalls of fiction. Fiction offers us solace, laughter and company. But it is often, too, a code written from a place of power. Yet we can disturb this code, explore its vulnerabilities and turn them into our own strengths. We can scale the rocky heights of madness and make fiction a share place where we do not surrender, but reconfigure and move forward.

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Niño de Elche + band - Voces del Extremo

07.04.2015 by ZEMOS98

Photo by Julio Albarrán (cc)

Tickets cost 5 €. Buy your tickets

This will be the third time that Niño de Elche participates in the ZEMOS98 Festival. A project, his first appearance was during the domestic concerts of the 12th Festival, where he performed En este lugar cantó . Two years later, he presented Pincel contra pixel contra boca , in which he sang about the painter Francis Bacon, hypnotising us with suggestive questions looming over the sounds, rhythms and aromas of frying bacon. This year, he will treat audiences to a live performance of his upcoming album, Voces del Extremo , accompanied by a first-ever live performance by a band composed of the variety of musicians who collaborated on the recording.

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The program of # 17ZEMOS98 now available

31.03.2015 by ZEMOS98

You can see below all details: schedules, venues and invitees.

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30.03.2015 by ZEMOS98

Pict by Julio Albarrán (cc) - 16th ZEMOS98 Festival

Free entry

A playful and expository session allowing visitors to walk through the space and discuss the prototypes and proposals produced by each of the different groups. After three days of work, we will share and give back the process undertaken by #reclaimthecommons Hackcamp, promoting copy, diffusion and multiplication.

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Hacía un ruido

30.03.2015 by ZEMOS98

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Hacía un ruido is a heterogeneous recital. It is a reading of memory and of paper. Expect processed reading and quite a few poems. And, above all, expect sound. The poems themselves proceed from the gaze and the wild, rich linguistic experience one finds in any city. The poetry without poets one finds in the speech of whomever. The grammatical gems of magazines. The iridescence of good phrases. Verbosity, the casual jewellery of babbling in the city. Verbal photography. Poems by other poets deliberately learned of through the poems of others. Inverted rap, beats searching for a voice and not vice versa. Film. A sonic piece at the end. That tries to verbalize. The experience of not fitting. That overwhelming. Excess. It made a noise. As if. It were. A full world.

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