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Abril 2015

21 H

Hacía un ruido

Teatro Alameda.

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Hacía un ruido is a heterogeneous recital. It is a reading of memory and of paper. Expect processed reading and quite a few poems. And, above all, expect sound. The poems themselves proceed from the gaze and the wild, rich linguistic experience one finds in any city. The poetry without poets one finds in the speech of whomever. The grammatical gems of magazines. The iridescence of good phrases. Verbosity, the casual jewellery of babbling in the city. Verbal photography. Poems by other poets deliberately learned of through the poems of others. Inverted rap, beats searching for a voice and not vice versa. Film. A sonic piece at the end. That tries to verbalize. The experience of not fitting. That overwhelming. Excess. It made a noise. As if. It were. A full world.

Hacía un ruido is not a closed work, but a zone of research started by María Salgado and Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca in January of 2014. It mutates and moves over time and exploration. No two performances are alike or identical. It made a noise already began its journey in Naranjo, CA2M, Fordham University and 16 Beaver las Spring, and will continue its mischief at Hangar and El Arsenal this winter.

María Salgado is a «low-tech» poet. She has published Ferias (2007), 31 Poems (2010) and Ready (Arrebato 2012). Her research focuses on contemporary forms of writing and recital. She makes zines and bands and is a part of plans such as the Seminario Euraca. She writes at Over the last year, she has been exploring sound with Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca.

Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca is a musician and composer. He has showcased instrumental and electroacoustic music in various national and international festivals, and he has composed and performed in a number of theatrical works. His audiovisual works include three long-form documentaries with José Luis Tirado and the official soundtrack for Paco León’s Carmina y Amén . An active participant in the ZEMOS98 collective, he created and directed the theatrical work Veo una Voz with actress Ana Barcia and the experimental opera Todos Canibales with the Nou Ensemble and artists Christian Fernández Mirón and Roberto Martínez. Over the last year, he has been exploring sound with María Salgado.

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