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Abril 2015

22 H

Niño de Elche + band - Voces del Extremo

Teatro Alameda.

Photo by Julio Albarrán (cc)

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This will be the third time that Niño de Elche participates in the ZEMOS98 Festival. A project, his first appearance was during the domestic concerts of the 12th Festival, where he performed En este lugar cantó . Two years later, he presented Pincel contra pixel contra boca , in which he sang about the painter Francis Bacon, hypnotising us with suggestive questions looming over the sounds, rhythms and aromas of frying bacon. This year, he will treat audiences to a live performance of his upcoming album, Voces del Extremo , accompanied by a first-ever live performance by a band composed of the variety of musicians who collaborated on the recording.

Voces del Extremo («Voices of the Extreme»), which you will be able to hear over the coming weeks, includes lyrics by contemporary poets such as Antonio Orihuela, Begoña Abad, Jorge Riechman and Inma Luna. It was recorded by Raúl Pérez de La Mina and produced by Daniel Alonso of Pony Bravo, and features performances by Darío del Moral, Javier Mora, Raúl Cantizano, Daniel Alonso and Fer Junquera (aka Negro).

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