Español . English


Abril 2015

19:30 H


Duque Theatre - La Imperdible Hall.

Free entry until all seats are filled. English with simultaneous interpretation.

Reflecting on Camp Pixelache 2014: Promoting a transdisciplinary vision of the commons from an island located in the suburbs of east Helsinki that is being threatened by gentrification

Pixelache is a trans-disciplinary platform for experimental art, design, research and activism, based in Helsinki. This presentation gives an brief introduction of the organisation behind it, and presents as a case-study the latest Camp Pixelache edition which took place in June 2014.

On a suburban nature island in the Eastern suburbs of Helsinki under threat of urban development, the event took inspiration from this location, and the potential to bring a wide range of inter and trans-disciplinary persons from the cultural, activist and science fields together in a relaxed and informal environment to engage with the subject of the Commons. Their ambition included a hopeful and complex mix: engaging with local associations and activists, a broader-engagement about the island, contributing beneficial infrastructure to the site, gathering international inspirations and experts, recording diverse interviews of commons definitions, and physically camping as many guests as possible.

The presentation looks at the strengths and vulnerabilities that come from organising Camp type events, based on Pixelache experience. In particular, reflections are shared on participant and audience involvements – and despite some knowledge and experience being restricted by context and their limitations – how outcomes and goings carried further beyond the event and island limits.

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